Your Home Base in Bern

We offer a home base for more than 100 members, some of whom have lived here a quarter of a century, others who have just arrived.

The American Women’s Club of Bern (AWC Bern) was founded in 1949 as a social club for American women living in and around the beautiful Swiss Capital City of Bern.

Whereas the first members were almost exclusively trailing spouses looking to fill their day with activities, our current members are a fun and varied group, both single and married, with and without children, working in the community or at home, and a number of dedicated professionals in a variety of fields. Our club is dedicated to equality, diversity, and inclusion.  See here for our stance and a list of resources.

What we have in common is a desire to develop friendships, maintain traditions, and share experiences of living in Switzerland.

The AWC Bern is constantly evolving over the years, we organize social and charitable events to benefit our members, our families, and our community.

If you live in or near Bern and are an American citizen, a woman with close ties to the US, or maybe someone interested in getting to know Americans, why not join the AWC Bern?

You’ll meet women from all walks of life who have made their home in the most beautiful city in Switzerland.

Previous Events

  • Santa Run
  • Christmas Luncheon
  • A Visit To The Bern Christmas Markets
  • Three Kings Coffee
  • Family Bowling
  • Charity BINGO
  • Introduction to Yodeling
  • Billiards and Beer
  • Spring Luncheon
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Memorial Day Picnic
  • 70th Anniversary Celebration
  • 4th of July Minigolf Tournament
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Newcomer’s Fondue Evening
  • Thanksgiving Lunch

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