Valentines and Galentines

February is a month for love, whether you’re celebrating romantic or platonic love…or both! And Switzerland is an amazing place to celebrate with all the delicious chocolate and romantic landscapes.

If anyone’s looking for an amazing chocolate-themed idea, I would suggest heading down to Cailler for a chocolate workshop. My friend and I participated in one before Christmas, and it was a wonderful day, where I
basically ate my weight in chocolate. They provide all the necessary supplies and instruction (and you even get to keep your apron and chef’s hat!), and you get to create a masterpiece to take home. We made our own
Christmas truffles, and they were absolutely delicious. There’s a Valentine’s Heart class coming up, and in case you’re interested you can click here to find out more. If you have any ideas for other fun valentine activities,
send them in or post them on the club’s Facebook page!

Another idea for a belated Galentine’s celebration is our joint event with AWC Zurich at the end of February. We’ve organized this event not only to learn more about voting (which is obviously a very important topic), but
also as a fun way to meet and mingle with the Zurich club. This is the first of two joint events that we’re hosting with AWC Zurich, and the second will be in Bern in the Spring. So, even if you already know all there is to know about voting, we’d love for you to come socialize with the ladies from Zurich. I believe this is the first cross-club event in several years, so we’d really love to have a great turnout from our club. If you need any more information, please reach out to me or the programs team.

Hope you all have a lovely February!
Genevieve Schneider
President, AWC Bern