President’s Message

 So much has changed in the last month since I wrote my last President’s message. I thought that by this month, I would be discussing the plans for our Spring Luncheon and Easter event, but instead the COVID-19 situation has gotten much more serious. Unfortunately, that means that all April Programs and Interest Groups had to be cancelled. The board will be monitoring the conditions, and we’ll keep you posted on the status of May’s events. Please make sure to read the update below on the 2020-21 Executive Council Election, as these cancellations have affected our nomination/election procedure. 

It’s also necessitated changes to our daily lives that many didn’t anticipate, and a lot are having trouble coping with. I’m trying to focus on the positives and remain grateful for being safe and healthy even while being cooped up. One thing that has kept me going is trying out new recipes and doing some baking. I’ve been looking up ideas for a week’s worth of recipes, and then I’ve been perfecting my packing skills to try to fit all of that into my refrigerator. It’s like a bonus game of Tetris and Jenga all in one! 

I know we have some fabulous cooks/bakers in the club based on the Thanksgiving and Bingo Apero potlucks, so I thought maybe we could share recipes to give each other a boost during this time? I’ve included the recipe I use for Broccoli Cheddar Soup here. 

Another suggestion came from our webmaster, Ruramisai Charumbira. She proposed that we share positive/joyful pictures, stories, or ideas with each other. If you have good news or a positive picture to share, please feel free to post it on the club’s Facebook page. You can also send it to me, and we can add it to next month’s newsletter as a little dose of happiness. The world feels a bit crazy at the moment, so anything we can do to keep our spirits up is a win. 

Lastly, please let us know if you need assistance during this difficult time. We’re continuing our grocery shopping assistance program. If you want/need somebody to shop for you so that you can reduce your social exposure, please reach out to our Programs Chair Stephanie Pai at gro.n1597485424rebcw1597485424a@sma1597485424rgorp1597485424, and the Board will work to organize a no-contact delivery. 

I hope you all are staying healthy, and I’ll leave you with a funny tweet I saw. I think anyone sequestered at home with their partner may be able to relate to this.  

Currently, Cheryl is on my list because “she” forgot “her” wireless mouse at work and commandeered mine. Gosh darn it, Cheryl!  Below is the link to the Swiss Government website where you can get updates in English. It remains the most reliable source of information on the situation in Switzerland:  

And here is the link to the CDC’s page for recommendations on how to prevent the spread of this virus. Spoiler alert: the most important tip is to wash your hands well and often!    

Genevieve Schneider  President, AWC Berngro.n1597485424rebcw1597485424a@tne1597485424diser1597485424p1597485424