President’s Message – May

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy-physically and mentally. It’s been a challenging past few months, but it seems like there’s a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. The Swiss government has started to relax some of the restrictions (woot woot to finally getting rid of my roots!), so we’ve kept the link at the bottom to the Swiss government’s website so you can check what is reopening and when.

One of the things that I’ve been grateful for over the last six weeks is the elimination of ironing in my house. Normally, my husband wears button-downs and slacks to the office, and I am responsible for laundering and ironing them.

It’s my least favorite household duty. I’d literally rather scrub the toilets. Since working from home, he’s been wearing loungewear which requires no ironingquarantine win! I’ve been living my best pajama-clad life and not even thinking about ironing. So, imagine my face when a massive box of all new work shirts shows up on our front step needing to be washed and ironed. The horror, haha.

But on a serious note, one thing that I’m truly grateful for is Facetime. It’s allowed me to stay connected with friends and family even when we can’t be together in person. I’m so glad that we have this technology free and readily available. I can’t imagine how difficult this would have been before the days of Skype/Facetime etc! I know some of our members have been living here since before that time, so you guys have my respect. It must have been so much more challenging living abroad and only having phone calls and letters to communicate.

Coming up this month is also Mother’s Day, so I just wanted to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “All that I ever am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Lastly, the programs team is looking into the possibility of holding the Spring Business Dinner in June. However, since that’s still up in the air, we’re asking everyone to send in absentee ballots for the Executive Council vote. We need to make sure that we have a quorum, so please see below for details on how to send your ballot to our Nominations Chair, Sandra Song.

Genevieve Schneider

President, AWC Bern, gro.n1597487994rebcw1597487994a@tne1597487994diser1597487994p1597487994