Interest Groups

The American Women’s Club of Bern sponsors a number of interest groups. Visit each group’s page to learn more about their activities and schedules. 

COVID-19 Special Message From Your Interest Groups Chair:

After more than six weeks of lockdown, I am sure most of us are excited about the possibility of the slow return to ‘normal’ but there is also some anxiety associated with the increased social contact. Some interest groups, such a the book club, have elected to remain online for now while others, such as hiking, will slowly be resuming their activities. If you interest group does meet, the board asks you to be sure to follow the Swiss government guidelines. This means maintaining social distance of two meters between people, limiting groups to five people or less and not attending any meeting if you or a family member/close social contact is unwell.

We will also ask group leaders to keep a list of the attendees for each meeting so that members can be easily contacted if the need arises. If you have any queries, please contact your interest group leader or myself at gro.n1594496074rebcw1594496074a@spu1594496074orgts1594496074eretn1594496074i1594496074. Take care.

Sandra Morandi-Scott, Interest Groups Chair

Bingo. / Photo: AWC Bern Archive
Bingo! / Photo: AWC Bern Archive

**NEW/REACTIVATED-The Bern English Resource Network (BERNnet) **

The Bern English Resource Network (BERNnet), which was active from 2009 to 2018, is thinking about reviving in order to highlight English services in the COVID era. Don’t know what BERNnet is? Take a look at our not-quite-up-to-date but still functioning website If you’re potentially interested and would like to be kept updated on developments, email me at moc.l1594496074iamg@1594496074zruwe1594496074innae1594496074j1594496074 and I’ll add you to my list.

Jeannie Wurz, moc.l1594496074iamg@1594496074zruwe1594496074innae1594496074j1594496074

Knit Club

This is a group that meets once a month to do handwork – knitting, cross-stitch, sewing, quilting, etc – to share tips, chat, and have a good time! More >

Bern Writers’ Group (BWG)

Date: TBA

Please contact Ruramisai Charumbira at ude.e1594496074lay.a1594496074ya@c-1594496074r1594496074 or Neria Moye at moc.l1594496074iamg@1594496074eyoma1594496074iren1594496074 for updates on the next meeting time.

Book Club

Book Club will be meeting online in May.

The AWC Book Club meets on Sunday afternoons, hosted by different members of the club. More >

Card Artisans

CardArtisans is a group of Card-making enthusiasts who love to laugh while making cards. More >

Contemporary Issues

A monthly discussion group covering a wide range of topics. More >

Creative Connections

A group for individuals interested in exploring pursuits across the creative spectrum. More>

Gardening Group

Gardening Group activities remain suspended for in accordance with Swiss government guidelines, but we hope to meet again soon.

These ladies get together for activities to improve their own gardens and to enjoy others! More >

Hiking Club

A message from the Hiking Club Coordinator, Carol Rohrbach:

Hikes 2020

After the winter hiatus, hiking club is planning on resuming activities provided they can be carried out in accordance with Swiss Government guidelines regarding social distancing.

The Hiking Club meets weekly in the summer months, June through August, depending on weather, for hikes of medium difficulty and moderate endurance. More >

The Coffee Morning Groups

Coffee Chat is suspended for the moment in accordance with Swiss government guidelines, but we hope to meet again soon.

In Bern and Thun. More >

Thirsty Third Thursday

Thirsty Third Thursday is suspended for the moment in accordance with Swiss government guidelines, but we hope to meet again soon

Thirsty Third Thursday interest group will meet
each third Thursday of the month for laughter and libations. More>