Bern Writers Group

Women writers' work is getting lost in translation

The May 2020 BWG meeting may be online or BWG might slowly attempt in-person meetings, depending on the number of people interested and the state of Swiss Government guidelines. Please be in touch with Ruramisai Charumbira if you are interested in the Bern Writers’ Group. Contact them at: moc.l1600638187iamg@1600638187gsret1600638187irwnr1600638187eb1600638187


The Bern Writers’ Group (BWG) – All Genres
Meets Once a Month.
Location: Coop Restaurant at the Wankdorf Center, Bern

Do you recognize this woman?
*My resolution this year is to keep a journal.
*My goal this year is publishing an essay about ….
*This is a new year, a new decade, a new me; I will write!
*This year I will, join a writing group or something.
*This year my intention is to write, finally, otherwise I will get old wishing…. Yes, we know! So, rather than moaning and groaning, come join other writers aspiring to just journal or publish their work in 2020 and beyond.

The RENEWED Bern Writers Group is now an open platform for writers of all genres to meet once a month and make good on those New Year (and new decade) writing wishes, resolutions, and intentions. Building on the commitment of a cohort of four women poets who kept the BGW going in 2019, the renewed Bern Writers Group aspires to be a mobile atelier for the artist among us. BGW will continue to encourage genre specific “Nests” (working groups) to allow for continued productive writing each month. Watch this space in the F&F for BWG events later this year that will showcase the writers’ works! To crib a famous saying: The writing of one
thousand pages begins with one letter, then another, then another… Come write your ideas and life into being!

Ruramisai Charumbira coordinates the BWG activities along with Neria Moye. For more information, and especially to be registered, please contact them at moc.l1600638187iamg@1600638187gsret1600638187irwnr1600638187eb1600638187