Contemporary Issues

About our group:

We all get our news in different ways; some of us read the newspaper, some watch the nightly news, others subscribe to podcasts, magazines or in-depth online specialized websites that cover personal passions and curiosities. We gain even more insight when we can l share our knowledge or put questions out to a larger audience, especially to make sense of complex issues. The AWC’s Contemporary Issues Group has been a forum for such exchange and questions for over ten years.

We started in 2006 when a small group of women decided that meeting regularly to would help them stay in touch and provide a forum to pool knowledge on contemporary issues. They were looking for more than just coffee and small talk. The initial list of discussion topics included living as expatriates in Switzerland, the role of religion in contemporary society, global philanthropy and women in a changing world. Since then our (more or less) monthly discussions have included the pros and cons of nuclear power, women and pornography, caring for parents, US and Swiss election issues, fair-trade and even storytelling. We have covered all sorts of topics, some serious, some less so; traveling alone as a woman; food sustainability, medieval and modern thought, wellness.

For most meetings, a group member puts together an outline on the chosen topic, but the outline is rarely followed as discussions go off on a myriad of surprising, but always pertinent tangents. Indeed a mix between serious discussion and lively exchange of ideas and stories is what keeps Contemporary Issues going; informality and open-mindedness are two key components. We all come away a little wiser; not just because of what we’ve learned, but also because we know there is so much we still don’t know.

In an occasional  ‘Admirable Women’ series we have learned about Mary Wollstonecraft, Helene Schweitzer, Ruth Dreifuss, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Rachel Carson, to name a few. If you have something on your mind or are looking to share your two cents, come a join one of our Friday morning discussions. For information contact Carol McEowen hc.ni1600630391weulb1600630391@newo1600630391ecmc1600630391