Hiking Club

The Hiking Club meets weekly in the summer months, June through August, depending on weather, for hikes of medium difficulty and moderate endurance.

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The past few years we have hardly ever repeated a hike. This year, 2020, is different. Yes is it different….. What we will be able to do as a group is at the moment a bit up in the air. But since I completed this schedule last fall, it seems a shame to waste it. It is a compilation of the most memorable hikes we have taken during the past few years. Perhaps it will give you some ideas to pursue individually with a few others or your family should we not be able to do them together. If and when we get to hike, this will be the Tuesday experience which involves bringing your lunch and snacks and water. Probably no restaurants this year!! If you would like me to look for you at the train station, please let me know. If the weather looks as if it will ruin the hike, I’ll send out an email and WhatsApp on Monday before 18:00.


For more information about the hiking club and to be added to the list for the hiking group, please email Carol Rohrbach at: moc.l1600636800iamg@1600636800hcabr1600636800horbr1600636800ow1600636800.

Given the uncertainties this year and the increased possibility of last minute cancellations or changes, it is extra important that Carol have your contact information if you plan on participating in the hiking group.

Fall 2020 Hiking Schedule: (Each month the specifics for the hikes for that month will be included in the Facts & Functions Details for all hikes.)

September 08: Canton Bern St. Petersinsel.

September 15: Canton Wallis Lotschberg Suedrampe: Hohtenn to Ausserberg.

September 22: Canton Wallis St. Luc to Zinal.

September 29: Canton Vaud Wine trail in La Cote: Aubonne to Rolle.

October 06: Canton Bern Diemtigtal.

October 13: Canton Bern Heiligenschwendi-Schwarzenberg-Planetenwegs-Sigriswil.

October 20: Canton Bern Fischermaetteli-Tubentraenki-Niederwangen-Forst-Oberwangen.