Knitting/Crafting Clubs


Knit at Home

The new group “Knit at Home” will meet at Anne Riz’s. The group which had its first meeting in September, will meet once a month from 7-9pm in a relaxed and cozy environment for knitting and conversation.

Future dates will be posted each month in the F&F. All crafters are welcome.

Please note this group does not replace the regular Bern Meet-up knitting group. The Bern Meet-Up group entry is directly below.

Knit at Home Club Image


Bern Knitters/Crafters Unite

All interested artisans are invited to join us as we spend evenings together with the Bern Knitters Meet-up group.

Come for a chat, a drink and some hands-on crafty activity! Bring your projects along, and knit, crochet, or sew with our friendly group. Beginners are welcome and so are experts.


Photo: DrStarbuck