Wear a Mask, Save Lives …!

In the whole of Switzerland, it is now mandatory to wear a mask in publicly accessible indoor areas, including in all railway stations and airports, and at bus and tram stops. Furthermore, spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 persons are not permitted in public spaces such as such as town squares, streets, paths and parks.

For more information in English about the situation in Switzerland, check out the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) website.

The Canton of Bern is introducing strict new requirements starting 24. October 2020 through 23. November. Check out the official media announcement (in German). Here are the main bullet points but please inform yourselves more fully.

  • Prohibition of events with more than 15 people as well as trade fairs and trade exhibitions. This includes private family events.
  • Bars, clubs, discos, dance halls, museums, libraries, archives, fitness centers, movie theaters, swimming pools, wellness centers are closed to the public
  • Masks are now required outside in covered areas such as under the arcades in the Old Town
  • Amateur team sports training and competitions will be halted. Individual sports with close contact like wresting or boxing are also suspended. The top professional leagues of hockey, soccer, volleyball, unihockey can continue but no fans.
  • Restaurants are limited to 100 total guests and must close at 23.00. After Monday, 26 October 2020, no groups larger than 4 people can dine together unless you are all members of the same immediate family

Finally, here is the CDC’s page for recommendations on how to prevent the spread of this virus.¬†Spoiler alert: the most important tips are to wash your hands well and often, avoid close contact and wear a mask!