International Women’s Network

Founded in 1931, the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit corporation that serves as an umbrella network linking over 75 independent American and international volunteer organizations for citizens living overseas. The AWC Bern is a proud member of FAWCO.

FAWCO serves as a resource and channel of information for its Member Clubs, contributes actively to the global community and represents the interests of Americans abroad.

With a combined membership of over 15,000 individuals in more than 35 countries, FAWCO is represented in Africa, Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East as well as North America and South America.

A recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) since 1995, FAWCO was granted special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the UN in 1997.


If you are interested in receiving more information about FAWCO, please contact the FAWCO Representative.

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U.S. Voting from Overseas
Information about voting from Overseas.

FAWCO in Bern 2013 / Photo: FAWCO


domviolencecrisis_logo_smallHotline for domestic violence for women overseas: 866-USWOMEN

Noelle Donahue of the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center provided some surprising statistics at her conference presentation: in 2012 the Crisis Center was contacted by over 500 people, almost all of them women and most of them living in Europe, who were in need of advice, counseling and active assistance in the face of domestic violence. We were told that domestic abuse knows no class or education boundaries, and that victims are very good at hiding their anguish, even from close friends. The Crisis Center is where you can turn to, when you have no place to turn.

The mission of the Center is to advocate against domestic and child abuse, and to provide counseling and emergency assistance to victims of such abuse. The Center is able to help with repatriation logistics for victims and their children, but they also organize pro-bono legal assistance for those filing for child custody. All counsellors are professionally trained and have knowledge of suitable local help; they follow cases long term in order to provide consistent and trustworthy assistance. The Crisis Center can be reached by phone toll-free (AT&T direct dial access numbers can be found on their website), by email (gro.n1600633108emows1600633108u668@1600633108nemow1600633108su6681600633108) or over their website (www.866uswomen.org). Make sure everyone you know has this number!