Brief History

Founded in 1949

When U.S. government headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, was still a legation headed by a minister, the minister’s wife and several other American women of the city met periodically to sew and knit and chat. In 1949 they decided to expand, founding the American Women’s Group. The word “group” because the official who gave the final endorsement objected to the word “club”. It reminded him of a “gathering of cackling hens.”

Throughout its first decade, the club’s membership swelled. Luncheons at fine local restaurants cost about five francs, ice water included! Once enrollment topped 50, the women renamed their group, and the American Women’s Club of Bern was born.

To Welcome, to Introduce and to Help

For over 75 years, the club has always welcomed American newcomers to Bern and introduced them to life in Switzerland.

In addition, the club has placed a high priority on funding charities. During a polio epidemic in the early 1950’s, AWC funds were used to buy two iron lungs for the Tiefenau hospital. In the 1960’s, the club collected CHF 33’000 to help build the Rossfeld Home for physically handicapped children. More recently, the AWCBern sent a number of Swiss children with cancer to a Paul Newman associated summer camp in the States as well as sponsoring the Villa Maria women’s safe-house in Bern and the Ronald McDonald House which offers low-cost accommodations for the families of children who need hospital care.

Which Continues Today

Today, whatever the event, American women in Bern know they can count on the American Women’s Club to keep them in touch.

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